The 5 best shoulder exercises to build size and strength (2023)

Discover the best shoulder exercises to build bulky delts that will make everyone and grandma jealous! On this page, I will show you the 5 best exercises forshoulder training.

In short, I list my top tips for the best shoulder exercises:

1. Air press
2. Hang and press carefully
3. Pressure Pressure
4. Dumbbell Shoulder Press
5. One Arm Dumbbell Press

For the remainder of this article, I'll cover the process and benefits of each of the moves above.

1. Development of Bars with Bars

How to press overload:

Start by placing the barbell on a squat rack or power rack. Position the bar on the frame pegs so that it is level with your chest. Reach forward and grip the bar with an overhand grip slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

Approach the bar so that it just touches your upper chest. Lift it off the pegs and step back to give yourself plenty of room.

Push up, leaning your torso back as the weight passes over your head. Then swing your torso forward as the bar passes over your head. Continue extending your arms until your elbows are locked.

Lower the weight to your upper chest in a controlled manner. Repeat.

Advantages of air press:

Overload is the boss of all shoulder exercises. It's the best move to overload your shoulder muscles with as much weight as possible.

My favorite thing about this shoulder exercise is its simplicity: how much more basic can you get than lifting a heavy barbell overhead?

The fact is, this compound exercise will make you strong and muscular very quickly. I recommend it to all strength athletes.

2. Hang and press carefully

How to perform Hang Clean & Press:

Start with the loaded barbell on the floor. Use a normal overhand gripdead weightlift the bar off the floor. This is the starting position.

Bend at the hips, knees and ankles to allow the bar to slide across the thighs. just above the knees.

Bring the bar towards your shoulders initiating the hang clean: straighten your hips, knees and ankles while simultaneously pulling the bar in a straight line by contracting your trapezius muscles. Keep your arms straight until your hips, knees and ankles are fully extended (you should be explosive enough to lift your heels off the floor)... quicklybalanceYour elbows under and around the bar so that your elbows are pointing as high as possible when you can "catch" the bar at the front collarbone/shoulder.

Once you grab the bar, continue to push it overhead until your elbows are locked.

Lower the weight onto your upper chest and hold for a split second. Then finish the rep by returning the weight to your thighs. Repeat.

To use: it's videoshows the "clean hang" phase of the move better than the one embedded below. To hear.

Benefits of Hang Clean & Press:

Hang Clean and Press is a giant among shoulder exercises. It really is a full-body exercise that emphasizes the shoulders.

In fact, it works the shoulder muscles at two different points in the lift. Obviously, you hit them when you press the weight overhead. But you'll also hit them hanging when you lift the bar to your shoulders.

Evolving from the Olympic lift known as the clean and jerk, this move must be performed explosively. And then you can expect to get strongerYfaster after mastering this technique.

I'll be honest: I had a really hard time deciding whether to rank the hang clean and press as the #1 best shoulder exercise (versus the bench press). But I ended up deciding that the overhead press deserved first place because technically it's a much easier move to master.

3. Pressure Pressure

how to press:

Start in a squat or power rack, with the barbell on pegs at chest height. Grab the bar in front of you with a regular overhand grip, with a grip slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

Bring your body closer to the bar, lift the pins and step back to give yourself plenty of room to lift.

Slightly lower your body by bending your knees, hips and ankles, as if you are doing a partial range of motion squat. Pull your head back to avoid hitting the stick.

Extend your legs forcefully and use that momentum to start the development. Your heels can come off the ground.

After the bar clears your head, "get under the bar" by leaning your torso forward slightly. Extend your arms until you lock.

Drop the weight. Do not bend your knees until the bar is lowered to your upper chest and you have secure control. Repeat.

Benefits of Push Press:

The push press is one of the best shoulder exercises because it is unrivaled for developing raw strength. By using leg movement to help with the initial lift, you can use more weight than a standard bench press. Also, your legs will get a decent workout.

While your legs give you some momentum on the way up, your delts do all the work during the negative rep. In this way, the push press prepares you to lift heavier weights; Therefore, with other pressing exercises, you will get stronger much faster.

The push press is often used by lifters trying to break through air press plateaus. That said, it's just as good as your main all-around shoulder exercise.

4. Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

How to do shoulder presses with dumbbells:

Grab a pair of dumbbells with a normal grip and sit on a bench (i.e., a bench with your back straight).

Place the dumbbells on your thighs and push your buttocks against the backrest. Create a slight arch in your back, making sure your lower and upper back are in contact with the back of the seat.

One at a time, lift your knees to bring the dumbbells from your thighs to your shoulders. Rest the tip of the dumbbell against your front delt as you prepare to take off. Make sure your palms are facing forward.

Push the dumbbells straight up with your elbows in line with your hips. Bring the dumbbells closer together as you approach the top of the rep. Locking the elbows at the top is optional.

Lower the weight in a controlled manner. Stop lowering the weight when the elbow joints form a 90° angle. Repeat.

Benefits of dumbbell shoulder press:

This particular move is among the best shoulder exercises because it offers the following benefits:

First you need to lift and control each dumbbell individually; This will improve your control by stimulating more stabilizing muscles.

Second, weights also make cheating more difficult, as you can't balance your weak side with your strong side.

Third and finally, you can target the outer delts much more directly than with other barbell shoulder presses.

And while it's impossible to lift as much weight as possible with barbell presses, you can still lift some pretty heavy weights...

... In other words, this is still an effective strength and muscle building exercise, although you can lift heavier loads with barbell movements.

5. One Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Press

How to do the one arm shoulder press:

Grab a dumbbell and raise it to shoulder height with a normal overhand grip. Your elbow should be at about 45° to the midline of your body.

Stand shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly.

Straighten your legs and explosively push the dumbbell straight up, rotate your arm so your palm faces forward when your arm is fully straight and extended.

To balance the push, it's okay to lean your torso to the opposite side.

Once the lifting portion of the rep is complete, start lowering the bar the same way you lifted it. Repeat and switch sides.

Benefícios do One Arm Dumbbell Shoulder Press:

This is one shoulder exercise you don't see every day. But that doesn't mean it's ineffective. In fact, it's one of the best shoulder exercises.

This is a unilateral exercise, which means you train each side separately. By training only one arm at a time, you can quickly compensate for strength and size differences between your right and left shoulder and upper arm muscles.

The other huge benefit of one-arm dumbbell shoulder presses is that it improves balance. in fact,powersYou need to improve your balance as you would simply fall if you didn't use your core and lower body muscles to stabilize yourself.

Here's a surefire way to test whether this move is worth adding to your routine: give it a try. If performing with one arm is much more difficult than the other, then this is for you! Because it shows that you have a significant power imbalance.

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