Simple options to install LED lights in your car (step by step by step) (2023)

If you want to install an LED light outside or in your car, the methods are simple! LED lights are known as more energy -efficient and cheaper.-Install lights in the car!

Simple options to install LED lights in your car (step by step by step) (1)

For houses H4 and H7

Step 1: Find where the old headlights are placed

As soon as you have the right LED headlights for your vehicle, you will find your old headlights. For some boxes, you are under the rubber connections.

These rubber compounds protect water lights. Remove the rubber connection simply -a. Province the next step as soon as it is over.

Step 2: Pull the wiring harness connected to the headlight

The cabling whip is located in the rubber connection. Do not touch the lamp.

Step 3: Guest the headlights of your LEDs

Now assemble one of his LED headlights in the box where the old lamp was in place. He has to cheer on the LED headlight collar ring and put it in the accommodation to do this.

Secure the necklace that presses the small metal clip backwards, switch on the LED headlight on the connector.

After connecting the LED lamp, you can replace the rubber connection. To see how this is done, you can see this video:

Para H11 housing

Step 1: Remove the old lamp and put the new one

Press the connection button.

Make sure that you align the part of the "locking ring" tab on the locking slots. Push the LED lamp while turning in a schedule. LED lamp pages should be on site at 3 a.m. and 9 in 9.

Turn the LED lamp carefully as far as possible because the locking ring is thin. Too much existence can damage it.

Step 2: Connect the LED lamp

Connect the LED lamp that connects -a to the original vehicle connection.

Make sure that the low and high rays of your vehicle work correctly.

Take a look at this video and see how the LED installation takes place.

For H1 housing

Step 1: Remove the dust cover

First remove the dust cover behind the lighthouse set. Schwarz is the dirt cable.

Step 2: Remove the old lamp and connect the new one

To remove the old lamp, switch on the screen that guarantees the lamp. After opening the screen, you can separate and remove the lamp.

The positive cable of the LED lamp is red.

Step 3: Install the LED lamp

Install the LED lamp after completing the connection. If the LED lamp is longer than the housing, you first have to loosen the accommodation. Remove you simply remove the two screws at the top of the accommodation.

Then install the LED lamp in which you align your two notches on the apartments.

Enter the LED lamp to the accommodation and make sure that the metal spring connects you to the hook. If you have difficulty adjusting the LED lamp, you can set the LED lamp. You have to pull and rotate the lamp.Turn the dust cover after you have placed the LED lamp properly.

Inside the car

Step 1: Determine the areas in which you want to place the LED strips

Before you set the LED strips, you should determine the areas of your car where you can set the LED strips. There should be enough space as possible so that the strips are not very difficult to install.

Also look for a place where you can put together your control box. Demolition you from the panel so that the cables can be connected and executed more easily.

Step 2: Assemble the LED pipes and make the setting off the coast or screws

After selecting the locations, assemble the LED pipes and attach them with grinding or assembly screws. After using the tubes, insert the plate of the REEENMED plate.

Show excess cabling under the fields of the frame.

Step 3: Feed your LED tube with the lighter adapter

Enter the performance of the LED strips and the black wire into the lighter connections. The moving parts in your car.

Step 4: Assemble the control box

Place a 3 -m band in the back and place it in the desired location to set the control box. Find your LED strips and make sure that everyone works.

For the trunk of the car

Simple options to install LED lights in your car (step by step by step) (2)

Step 1: Remove the solid suede buckle on the left side of the tail box

First you have to remove the solid suede buckle that you can find on the left side of the tail box. It is a tool that can remove it.

As soon as the tail Weigely is open, you will find the cable connector connection.

Step 2: Connect the cables

Now connect the color of the original line with the color of the modified cabling.

The 1.5 m delay line should be connected to the yellow line with a "R" brand.

Step 3: Remove the solid suede buckle on the right side of the tail and insulation

Remove the solid suede buckle on the right side of the tail.Wire plugHAG insulation that connects the extension line to the red line and place the rubber tires on the back of the tail.

Step 4: Connect the plug into the lamp and install the LED strip

Connect the plug into the lamp that leads it through the hole that you will see in your Thailé box.

Be on your car car.

Is it better than halogen headlights?

Simple options to install LED lights in your car (step by step by step) (3)

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry.Because they offer lighter lights than halogen.In this way, they consume less energy and have a longer lifespan than other headlights. If the LED headlights are used, less fuel consumption is also found.

The bright LED light helps to see the markings and warning signs while driving on the street.

On the other hand, the halogen light range is limited, which makes it only to see what is in front of your car.

However, the replacement of LED headlights can be more expensive than halogen replacement.

Some countries prohibit the use of LEDs such as headlights because they tend to cause accidents. The bright light makes it difficult to pass the road.


Have you learned to install LED lights correctly in the car? Due to your advantages, many drivers transform their halogen headlights into LED.

In addition, LED strips help add exclusive designs outside and in your car. If you always drive at night, LED lights are essential!

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