North Carolina - the old northern state - (2023)

North Carolina is the counterpartSouth Carolina. Like its neighbor to the south, North Carolina is one of the 13 founding states and is nicknamed "The Northern State." This beautiful southern state has a lot to offer its visitors in terms of scenery, history, and culture.

The temperate climate makes North Carolina a year-round destination. However, it is particularly beautiful there in spring, summer and autumn. North Carolina is aideal destination to relax, for a varied holiday of adventure, culture and sport. The largest cities and the liveliest cities have a varied cultural and gastronomic offer. Here you can go shopping and enjoy the nightlife with a high quality offer.

North Carolina: Facts

  • Surface:139,289 square kilometers
  • Resident:10.146.788
  • Abbreviation:NORTH CAROLINA
  • Capital:Raleigh
  • local time:UTC-5
  • Last name:the ground state

north carolina map

Geographic location between the Atlantic and the Blue Ridge Mountains

North Carolina is located in the southeastern United States, neighboringTennessee,Georgia,Virginiaof courseSouth Carolina. To the east, the Atlantic forms a natural boundary. Geographically, this state can be divided intothree zonesto divide. To the east lies the temperate coastal region, while inland lies the gently rolling Piedmont Plateau and the world's coldest mountainous region.apalachesshape the rest of North Carolina to the west. The diversity of flora and fauna ranges from the flat coastal region to the rugged mountainous region. While alligators thrive in the shallow waters off the coast, the mountains are home to a wide variety of wildlife, including black bears and deer.

The Coastal Region

AsSouth Carolinathe neighbor to the north also has a beautiful coastal area, but the climatic conditions here are less subtropical than in the south. The climate in the Atlantic is pleasantly temperate. EITHERAtlantic coastal plainit occupies most of the country, around two-thirds. However, here you will not only find beaches, but also extensive coniferous and deciduous forests and adaptable soil conditions, well suited for growing cotton, melons, tobacco and soybeans. Limestone and phosphate, important to the state, are mined here for use in fertilizers.

This part of North Carolina is the most rural region that is part of the Inner Banks. The Inner Banks is a large area that stretches along the east coast of the United States. However, this part should not be confused with the Outer Banks, also in North Carolina, a 280-kilometre chain of islands off the coast.

oh interior

The inland region of Piedmont is highly urbanized and densely populated. However, the visitor will not only find cities here, but also a mountainous landscape made up of the slopes of the mountains with extensive river valleys.

This is also where it isCarolina Shale Belt, which documented the first discovery of gold in the US in 1799. Professional mining of this precious metal began in the early 19th century, attracting large numbers of immigrants. Today, lithium, clay, gneiss, granite and other important raw materials for the construction industry are mined here.

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the mountainous region

The Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina rise above lush valleys and vast forests. This mountain range meanders through the western part of the state at different elevations. The highest point measures 2,037 meters and is also the highest elevation east of theRocky Mountains. diegreat smoky mountainsAffectionately known to locals as the Smokies, they form the second highest mountain range in North Carolina. The landscape is embellished by a river system that runs through much of the interior and the mountainous west. The rapids and numerous waterfalls fascinate not only water sports enthusiasts.

The river banks are covered in soft green landscapes and species-rich deciduous forests. Bald cypress trees also thrive in the lower reaches of rivers. The small naturally formed lakes are an attraction for hikers, water sports enthusiasts, cyclists and anyone who simply wants to spend a relaxing day in beautiful nature. passionategolf fansfind here excellent conditions to practice the challenging and relaxing sport of golf in innumerable and exclusive golf courses.

in autumn it isindian summerparticularly impressive because the extensive deciduous forests are colored in the most beautiful colors of yellow, red, orange and brown. This colorful fall festival rivals the Indian summer on the east coast.

Rodovia Blue-Ridge

The Blue Ridge Highway is one of the most popular routes in the United States. This 750 kilometer highway connects the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and the Shenandoah National Park.

The path offers many opportunities to take a break along the way and admire the scenery from various vantage points or stop at one of the rustic inns. For the journey throughRodovia Blue-Ridgevisitors should plan multiple days. Thus, every day there are new activities and surprises. In addition, the tourist can be sure of knowing a good part of North Carolina without focusing on any particular point.

A walk along the coast

The counterpart is a walk through the coastal landscape, no less attractive. The beaches here are a bit wilder, rougher and more natural than inSouth Carolina. Here, as before, inSeafaring nation and its piratesremembered, because many ancient pirate nests can still be seen on the coast today. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest brick tower in the United States and offers unparalleled panoramic views of the coastal landscape. An important natural seaport asSouth Carolinahowever, North Carolina has nothing to offer when it comes to Charleston.

metropolitan areas

North Carolina has three metropolitan areas. AsMetrolineis the cross-border agglomeration of the cities of Charlotte, Salisbury and Gastonina. EITHERtriangleforman la capital Raleigh, Cary y Durham. Greensboro, Salem-High-Point y Winston conforman estePiemont Triade. More than two or more than a million people live in these metropolitan areas. North Carolina is formed along with those located in the SouthStatesthe largest cultural region in the southern states with the same musical and culinary influences and outdoor theater typical of this region.

North Carolina history

although the north andSouth CarolinaIn 1776, when the first of the 13 founding states declared their independence from the British homeland, English traditions and customs are still clearly discernible today. The nomenclature "Carolina" goes back to EnglishKing Charles IIwho remembered his father when naming this colony, because Carolina is the English version of the Latin name of Charles I, Carolus I. At the time this new world was discovered, he was on the English throne and was responsible for assigning rights to individual territories. The famous sailor is considered one of the discoverersSeñor Walther Raleigh, which is honored with the capital of the same name.

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In 1860, the disunity of the American state union also caught up with North Carolina as a traditional slave-owning state. Initially, this federal state resisted the secessionist activities of the sister stateSouth Carolinaand some other southern states, because most non-slaveholding farmers lived here. From thesecessionist movementHowever, coming from the sister state, he threatened the presidentAbraham Lincolnwith the invasion there, which was the initial spark for joining the Confederacy. After the end of the Civil War, North Carolina developed positively both economically and industrially, with the textile and cotton industries being the defining characteristics. Clarence Lightner made history in 1973. He was the first black person to become mayor of a city despite a white majority.southern states, and Raleigh.

Oindigenous Cherokee tribeI was also at home here until thisAmerican nativethey were driven out or nearly decimated by the white settlers. The route taken by Native Americans to their designated reservations was known as the "Road of Tears." However, the Cherokee partially returned to the place of their ancestors in the 20th century. Most live on the Qualla Boundary, where an open-air museum commemorates the long history of the Cherokee. Visitors can buy handicrafts and learn more about the culture. The open-air musical "Até Estes Montes" pays homage to the indigenous people and tells their story in a vivid and moving way.

A pleasant climate in all seasons

The coastal landscape is influenced by the Atlantic, which guarantees a mild and pleasant climate in the summer months. Winters are also quite mild here. Inland, the summer months can be quite dry and hot. The mountainous region is a bit cooler, but unlike the mountainous regions of the northern states, it is comparatively cooler in temperature.comfortable weather conditionsabout. In general, North Carolina does not know cold and snowy winters. This season is completely free of frost, from November to February temperatures are around 10 degrees, the thermometer rarely drops below 4 degrees.

climatic table

Temperature °Cprecipitationrelative
max. OMy. ISLANDmillimeterh/label
I could25,912,999,6718,3

current weather

North Carolina-23 of February


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scattered clouds


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An cannot guarantee the climate and weather data provided here.

A sustained positive population trend

About nine million people live in North Carolina. In contrast withSouth CarolinaNorth Carolina is more densely populated, urban, and modern. Most major cities are in thethree metropolitan areasand the state enjoys steady population growth. More than three million people already lived here in the early days of 1790. Since then, North Carolina has experienced steady population growth of between 13 and 21 percent. An exception was the year 1880 with an immigration rate of 30 percent. During this period, however, the US generally saw a large wave of immigration from European countries, from which many states were able to benefit. Whites make up the largest proportion of the population at 74%, followed by African Americans at 21.7% and Hispanics at 7%. The rest of the population is made up of Asians and Indians.

Places of interest that every tourist must visit

Baltimore house

One of the most popular destinations is the Baltimore House. This 250-room property is surrounded by a large park. the builder wasJorge Vanderbilt, who ordered the construction of this castle of French architecture at the end of the 19th century. The Baltimore House is the largest private property in the United States. Today it houses a hotel, a renowned winery, various shops and restaurants.

outer margins

The Outer Banks are a 170-mile-long chain of narrow islands off the coast. It forms a natural barrier between the Atlantic and the coastal region of the continent. Are herelargest ponds in the united states, Albemarle Sound in the northern part of the island and Pamlico Sound in the southern part.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

WithTennesseeNorth Carolina shares the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Gateways are located in Knoxville, Tennessee and Asheville, North Carolina. The forest is one of them.oldest forests in the worldand at the same time forms the largest wildlife area in the eastern United States. Traffic is mostly confined to main roads, while the 450 kilometers of secondary roads and 1,400 kilometers of trails are less frequented.

US National Whitewater Center

It is a mix of outdoor parkland, adventure and climbing, which is a popular destination for families and sports fans alike. A special challenge is the rapids course and a path in the treetops.

Cape Lookout National Coast

Made up of three islands, this group of Outer Banks offers visitors a versatile destination for differentWatersportsand to collect shells. Particularly interesting is the opportunity to observe the life of birds. Wild horses roam the Crystal Coast.

Jockeys Ridge State Park

At this point is the largest sand dune on the east coast. Jockey's Ridge State Park is an attractive destination for hikers and paragliders. Here you can fly a kite or just enjoy the extraordinary surroundings.

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