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In this article I will examine Newton's second movement law with examples. Newton's second movement is a recognized and mathematical physicist named Isaac Newton.newton came from England and lived between AD 16 and 1727 AD and mentioned some examples of thatSecond law of movement.

What is Newton's second Movement Act?

Newton's second law of movement states that the net force that acts on a body is the product of mass and acceleration. With other words, the law of the second Newtons movement can be defined as the impulse change rate, which is directly proportionally to the power on itacts and occurs to strength.

So we can define this law

Strength ∝ Change at the moment / time taken

And the impulse is the product of mass and speed. We can write this statement in a mathematical way as

Moment = mass x speed

Therefore, at the moment = (final mass speed x) - (initial mass of mass X)

So change at the moment = MV - MU

Now we can define Newton's second law as

F = (MV - MU)/t [onde = Tempo Gasto]

Acceleration = (final speed - initial speed)/give it up

What is a = (v - u)/t

Therefore, F = m (v - u)/t, which can be rewritten as F = MA

Therefore we write the law of Newton's second movement in a mathematical wayF =

and f = strength,

M = Massa Corporal e

A = body acceleration

The Force Unit is located in Newton, kilogram of mass and acceleration at meters per second.

We use Newton's second law of movement to understand the object movement in various physical phenomena. This phenomenon covers the movement of a rocket in space for a car that drives on the street.

Newton's Second Movement Law (1)

Examples of Newton's second law of movement in everyday life

Here are some examples of Newton's second Movement Act that applies to us in our daily activities:

Car on a street

Newton's Second Movement Law (2)

If a car accelerates on a street, two physical variables in the form of strength and mass would play an important role in the car. The machine forces them to move on the street..

In addition, the mass of the car determines that it is an acceleration. This is because the car weight can reduce the acceleration due to gravity if the mass of the car is too large.

Therefore, when comparing a car with a lighter dough, the car is accelerated with a lighter speed.


Newton's Second Movement Law (3)

If a parachute veterinus falls on the floor, the body of the parachute jumper accelerates its acceleration. The mass of the parachutist determines your acceleration.

In addition, the force that acts on the parachutist leads to the ground. We can easily identify this type of strength as gravity. Things play the strength of gravity and mass of your body an important role in bringing it to the ground.

A hockey album

Newton's Second Movement Law (4)

Another example of Newton's second law is when a hockey album slides on the ice. While the album slides over the ice, there is always a frictional power that reduces its acceleration, and then the mass of the hockey disc plays an important role in influencinghis acceleration.

The friction between hockey and ICE will resist and limit the album acceleration. If there is enough strength to be applied to the album, it accelerates to your goal. Now we can see that a hockey album also follows the second law of Newton movement.


Newton's Second Movement Law (5)

If we throw a rocket into space, it accelerates into a certain goal. In the further course of the rocket, the engine continues. During this process, the fuel burns in the engine and the rocket will be easier. The acceleration of the rocket will continue to increase.

The previous smooth operation of the rocket is only possible thanks to a decrease in the mass (from burned fuel).Motor operations influenced.

When the rocket increases impulse, the rocket accelerates in space.

Shopping venture

Newton's Second Movement Law (6)

When visiting a supermarket, he will certainly press a shopping cart due to the items he bought. The shopping cart makes it easier.

In addition, the dough of the shopping cart and internal items plays a role in determining the acceleration of the car.

So by pushing a shopping cart for your car. They use the Newton's second Movement Act.

A baseball ball through a bat

Newton's Second Movement Law (7)

In this case, the strength of the stick hits the ball and accelerates it. The mass of the ball is a very important factor to decide your acceleration. Ye greater the strength, the greater the acceleration of the ball.

An airplane

Newton's Second Movement Law (8)

We have an aircraft as another example of Newton's second movement law. If an airplane is lifting off, his engine forces the aircraft to accelerate on the track. This acceleration helps the level to conquer its weight through the lifting strength.

A boat that rows through the water

Newton's Second Movement Law (9)

Water boat rows increase the boat in the water. The rudder influence the strength of the boat, while the boat mass and its passengers determine the acceleration of the boat in the water.

More people and more people can influence the strength of the boat and let it work faster. Those with the right people who control the boat have the opportunity to win the ship real life.

A football

Newton's Second Movement Law (10)

When a football player hits a ball, he turns strength to the ball, which accelerates him.

A basketball ball

Newton's Second Movement Law (11)

A basketball player uses the biceps strength to throw a ball into the net. Throwing the ball is proportional to the strength and basketball mass.

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