H&M return guideline: return with/without receipt (2023)

H&M is one of the popular purchase options. This also means that the company has a large customer base with the responsibility for maintaining this basis. The return guideline of H&M is one of these services that each customer can benefit.The time of purchases is useful.What can you not return to H&M?

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What is H&M's return guideline?

H&M return guideline: return with/without receipt (1)

In the event of an unsatisfactory purchase, you can return the H&M return for 30 days.

H&M return guideline: return with/without receipt (2)

H&M DEVolution policy
To return30 Dias
Return method1. In the shop
2. Online
Extended vacation returnsFor purchases between November 1st and December 5th, they can be returned until January 5th
Contact number855-466-7467
Official websiteHM

H & M Return Gratitamente?

Yes, H&M will not charge any fees or shipping fees at the time of return.

H&M online spending conditions

Enable with E -Mail -Return -Line -Line -line spaces.Website onlineAs soon as you have the return label, you only have to pack your product correctly and without absent components.You can then insert the label into the field and send it to the address. The label that the impressions are paid and previously directed. $ 5.99 of the total amount of your reimbursement is derived.

H&M back gaps in business

Another method for returning your H&M product with H&MS return guideline is to go into the store. This process is free and only costs the trip that you make for the storeShould before you have completed 30 days from the day of your purchase, I have that you should receive your purchase receipt from you as proof of your purchase.

HMHoliday return policy

Holidays can be excited and the 30 -day return time may not be enough to return.Purchase from November 1st to December 5th can be returned until January 5th.

Exceptions to the H&M Return Directive

The return guideline is not the same, there are also exceptions from the H&M return guideline.

  • There is an exception for the return to Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii and Guam as well as the barrels, DPO, FPO and PO.
  • Their refund does not include shipping or handling costs.

General terms and conditions of the H&M return guideline

Now every company has to create general terms and conditions such as H&M, so that no guidelines for H and M return conditions have to be misused below, which must be taken into account when buying or returning a product.

H&M return guideline: return with/without receipt (3)

  • After you have received the Return label, you can communicate with the company if you lose the return boards.
  • H&M offers comprehensible services for your package.
  • There is no COD option for H&M products.
  • You can only return products in the clothing, bathing clothes with a hygienic label and beauty products.

H&M return guideline without reception

H&M return guideline: return with/without receipt (4)

Yes, you heard well.You will also be asked to carry out your valid identification test with you because you return to complete your right of return.

You can hand in your return without receipt in some of your preferred clothing stores, such as:BloomingdalesÖUrban Outfitters.

H&M exchange guideline

After completing the return process, one of the options you can receive from H&M is an offer to exchange your product. Now the H&M Exchange Directive also has its rules and a process.

  • In order to be entitled to exchange ideas, you must receive a receipt for purchase.
  • H&M only offers in clothing, beauty products and swimsuits (with a hygienic seal).
  • The exchange process must be completed within 30 days.
  • The product it bought falls under the "Final Sale" and cannot then be changed.
H&M exchange guideline
Period of exchange30 Dias
Exchange methodIn the shop and online

H&M refund directive

H&M return guideline: return with/without receipt (5)

This is another aspect of the return guideline of H&O is not after an exchange of your product. In this case, the other option that you will have is a reimbursement.To keep and answer your questions. To answer the basic reimbursement questions.

The reimbursement guideline is only the option if you have to return your money and the exchange process does not work for you. If the company accepts its reimbursement process, the company takes up to 2 weeks until the refund is reimbursed. The refund is provided using the same method,that he used when buying, so if he wants your refund in cash, this is only possible if he has used money to make his purchase.

H&M refund directive
Reimbursement time1. Immediately for money
2. 15 days for credit and debit card
Reimbursement methodOriginal payment mode

H & M Covid-19 Update

H&M endeavors to operate its customers and therefore have free and flexible free standard backs provided at all HM.com orders at home or at the specified collection point. They have changed their personalized return guidelines that are closed.that customers can return the product 28 days after discharging the local restrictions. H & M COVID-19 campaign so that customers feel safe.

  • Customers should wear a mask if they are present in the shop.
  • The hygiene and cleaning routine has increased.
  • A reasonable social distance is maintained there for all gifts.
  • The number of customers in the shop was limited.

Frequent questions

How many days can I return the product H&M?

You can return the product within 30 days of the purchase date.

Can I return the H&M product without reception?

Yes, you can return the H&M product without receipt.

Can I go to an exchange guideline without a receipt?

No, you cannot choose an exchange guideline without reception.

What is the number of customer service number of H&M?

The H&M customer service number is 855-466-7467.

Is COD available for H&M products?

There is no COD option for H&M products.

Remember too

Just knowing that the return period is not sufficient. Many circumstances must be fulfilled, while H&O's return policy keep the product in its original condition. I love to learn more about the return policy of other brands when you buy from there, HowZarayGap Devolution Policy.

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