Forced distribution method (2023)

Forced distribution method
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forced distributionMethodIt is an instrument for evaluating the performance of employees inManagement System. This method abandons the traditionalproceduresperformance appraisal, how do you respondcontinuous improvement. Many organizations use this tool to create sufficient conditions for the development of employees, who withChaseExpectations.

is a method ofemployee performanceEvaluation that works on the list of previously agreed descriptions. It says forced, likeAll reviewers are required to select the most appropriate statement from those already provided.. While the original goal was to create a contrast between effective and less effective employees, the forced distribution method separates them primarily into notables and notables. The goal was a fair distributionTrainingCut costs and promote only the best. However, the best employees do not always get the best grades, so this performance management tool is effective in organizational cultures of understanding and support among them.Organizationand employees

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The fundamental difference between the ranking method and a forced distribution method is that the score is based in one second on several key measures imposed by the general rules of the company and a functional segment of each employee.

Following this method, Focal Points from Human Resources (or from an external company) create different descriptions (usually 2 or more) of specific pointsSkills and abilitiesin which company/department/professional group you are focused. These descriptions are shared with the evaluators, who must select the most suitable and the least suitable ones for each employee in the evaluation of each category.

if the wholethe evaluation process is carried out, all results are calculated. Higher rated employees are automatically recognized as "better employees" than lower rated employees. Some companies have strict thresholds for good and bad ratings, so employees who score below the lowest acceptable threshold must undergo an improvement program, also designed by Human Resources.

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fundamental principles

There are 4 main rules that must be followed when using the forced distribution method:

  1. Predefined classification categories: The forced distribution method requires managers to rate employees using a predetermined rating scale. This scale is typically divided into categories such as "excellent," "exceeds expectations," and "meets expectations," with each category representing a certain percentage of the overall ratings.
  2. objective reviews: This performance appraisal method encourages managers to evaluate employees objectively and impartially. By ensuring that a certain percentage of employees fall into each category, managers have incentives to evaluate employees fairly and accurately.
  3. detailed comments: Managers must provide detailed feedback to explain why an employee received a certain rating. This allows for a more comprehensive review of an employee's performance and helps managers identify areas for improvement.
  4. define goals: Using this method also encourages managers to set goals for employees. By setting achievable goals and helping employees achieve them, managers can ensure that employees perform at their best.

Forced Distribution Method Example

The following example shows how a company might use the forced distribution method of performance appraisal:

The company chose to use a five-point scale, with each rating representing a different percentage of the overall ratings. The categories are: Excellent (10%), Exceeded expectations (20%), Met expectations (45%),needsImprovement (20%) and unsatisfactory (5%).

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The manager reviews the performance of each employee and assigns them one of five ratings based on their performance. The manager then provides detailed feedback to explain why the employee received a specific rating.

The manager then sets goals for each employee to ensure that their performance improves. The manager will regularly review the employee's performance and adjust the employee's goals as necessary.

Finally, at the end of the year, the manager evaluates the employee's performance and assigns a grade based on his performance. If the employee has achieved her goals, he may receive a higher rating than expected.

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There are certain long-term values ​​such as B. Increases in productivity and profitability that the company achieves through the use of forced sales methods. This method is also widely used due to the following advantages:

  1. Same evaluation process. Forced distribution methodIt is mainly used by international organizations with a diversified process structure, which makes it difficult to manage global performance equally. But thanks to the method, these companies can bidCarrerabranching paths globally for world-class talent.
  2. Highlight future frontline leaders.This culture of delivery and focused visibility helps identify employees who will assume leadership roles in the future. Thus, the company can start the training process in advance and adapt to future conditions.
  3. Reviewers cannot endorse preferred contributors.The main advantage why this tool is widely used is that the rater theoretically does not know which descriptions are rated higher, therefore cannot help preferred employees score higher. The main idea is that each rater only has to give a description of their subordinates using prepared statements and HR contact points only have to apply international standards to each one.Assessment. This means that the score is calculated with 2 independent parties that cannot influence the final score. Therefore, the forced distribution tool is a good way to fairly evaluate employees. However, this type of evaluation may not be the most effective for cross-functional teams. Because the evaluator usually does not have a clear understanding of the number, nature, and difficulties associated with specific roles, leading the evaluator to examine employees based on their own understanding (which is often inconsistent with the truth) . As a result, employees receive an unfair evaluation, leading to frustration and acceptance.operational efficiencyof the whole team in general.
  4. Quick and easy.An additional benefit of this method is its relatively fast model that is easy to understand and implement. The selection of development programs for the right talent also depends heavily on the human resources department, since all employees are divided into groups.


Despite all the advantages of the forced distribution method, it still has many disadvantages that can affectwork Surroundingsand overall employee performance. There are two more dangerous drawbacks that can impede business growth:

  1. Forced visibility.For example, the employee must be visible among others so that their results can be fairly evaluated. This type ofto behaveit's not typical of introverts and therefore they may score lower even if they've done a remarkable job just because they don't show their progress. Due to this pressure, great employees who are not interested in receiving more attention may leave the company.
  2. Negative impact on innovative employees.Sometimes excellent result scores can be too low.Employees, just because the evaluator only constrainedoptionschoice of. This can reduce thecreativityand work energy of subordinates. The most creative people often have the worst situation, as they take risks and suffer many failures as a result. Therefore, companies that consider themselves to be innovators should be very careful with the forced distribution method, as it cannot always live with innovators. As a negative consequence, innovative employees may stop being creative or simply move to another company where they are respected. Such a situation will affect business as the main key to success in today's economy is to be creative and innovative.

similar methods

  • 360 degree feedback– This method involves collecting feedback from multiple sources, including peers, supervisors, and customers, to evaluate an employee's performance.
  • Peer Review: In this method, a group of employees evaluate the performance of others.
  • forced classification: This method ranks employees from best to worst based on their performance.
  • Performance by objectives: This method involves setting goals for employees and evaluating their performance based on whether or not they achieve those goals.
  • behavior assessment: This method evaluates the performance of an employee based on their behavior and attitude within the companyWork environment.
  • Competency-based assessment: This method evaluates the performance of an employee based on their skills or abilities andSablerelated to your work.
  • self appraisal: With this method, employees evaluate their own performance.


While the primary goal of this method is to mold employees into a specific continuous improvement mindset, it is recommended to use it only in situations where the company consistently delivers results above expectations.Industryexpectation. This is the only way for the organization to meet the established priority expectations and for employees to remain motivated to continue working on improvements for themselves and their processes.

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