Disney World trips that can be very scary for children • WDW holiday tips (2023)

As with some Disney films, there can also be frightening moments in Disney attractions. Stories that tell you can still find intensive moments that can be frightened by young people.Created that can be very scary for children.

Since every child is different, we will break all the trips that have a fear potential. So we allow you to really decide what is best for your child and how any trip will avoid.

That's it …

Magic kingdom of walks

Jungle cruise- This is a good test attraction for the little ones. At the end there is an abandoned dark tunnel that contains the skeletons during the trip that contains, frightening and includes many other places.

Make Caribbean pirates- This is a dark walk that contains some terrible prospects. There is an unexpected short fall at the beginning of the trip.

Walt Disneys enchanted the Tiki room- At the end of this show there is a strong storm and a dark scene.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad-This trip is known as the craziest journey in the desert! It says a lot about it. There is also a 40 -inch level restriction.

Roller coaster- This water registration trip has several very large drops. The height requirement for Splash Mountain is 40 ".

The poorly searched manor house- The name should only give that this attraction has ghosts, it is also in the dark with elements that come out unexpectedly. The journey itself is slow and very smooth.

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The star grain-This is a mountain of scooters of the input level. An excellent way to test whether your child is ready for some of the largest Disney world. The height requirement is 35 inches.

Crazy tea partyHe made the list for his endless turn. It affects young people and the elderly alike.

Winnie, Poohs many adventures- Some younger children are afraid of this trip, sick of these Heffalumps and Wozzles always gave me nightmares when I was a child.

Seven dwarf trains- This is another mountain, ”said Soft Sikau for children. It is a little more intense than Barnstermen.

Under the sea with the little mermaid- A very easy attraction, but the scene with Ursula can really scare some young people. This goes directly after they have gone through the naval music!

Astro Orbiter- This trip is like Dumbo, the flying elephant, but the high difference is the height. This trip is in Tomorrowland; if you are afraid of heights, this is a more omitted journey!

Spacecraft- This is a roller coaster with high intensity that is completely in the dark.

Great point escape- this is only seasonal and terrible smells. The height requirement is 40 "

Epcot terrifying walks

Soarin- This trip is really tame, but it implies some rather steep heights.

Mission room- If you increase the orange mission, you will be bound to a flight to space. During the mission, you can feel the full power G that an astronaut does! Fortunately, there is a less intense green mission that is much softer than your counterpart.It is limited to an adapted and used space.The height requirement for this trip is 40 ".

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The seas with Nemo and friends- This very gentle journey made the list for a short scene of fear with a fish that some friends followed in the family, but possibly frightening.

Erdraum- This slow camera journey is mostly gentle ..

Test track- If your children are used to getting crazy and crazy, there will be no problem here.

Creepy fear appears from the Hollywood studios

Fantasies- This outdoor theater show takes place at night with a view of the lagoon, but make sure you just do it.

Roller Mountain N Roller-The is a high speed with a mountain internet. It is located in a building, so that the drops are not as large as the terrorist tower next door.To take your children until you have a few more scooter mountain for your loan. The height restriction for this trip is 48 inches.

Twilight Zone Terror Tower.40 ".

Star Tours the Adventure Continuá-This is a 3D simulator -Attraction. If your children have not treated well with Star Wars films, it is definitely good to survive. The height requirements for this attraction is 40 inches.

Meerjungfrau- This program creates the list of Ursula, which is rarely the fans of a young child.

Animal Kingdom Termination walks

It's hard to be a mistake- This is in a theater, but it contains several effects that scare children. The theater is very dark and also has mistakes. During the show, the spiders fall out of the ceiling and some mistakes that are based!are not crazy about insects, I recommend leaving this or sitting near the door.

Expedición EverestWith it.This attraction has a 44 -inch height requirement.

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Kilimanjaros journey- This is a very slow movement of the animals of Africa. The list is that she is part of the trip on which you cross an old bridge, and there is a sudden tremor as if she broke., it is a long time to darken a lot, apart from a creepy insect noise.

dinosaur- On this trip I remember fought as a child as a child. It is loud and in the dark.This attraction has a 40 -inch height requirement.

Primitive vertebrae- Another Bergattraktion -Russa. You can see the entire trip from the outside so that you can expect the nobility from it. There is a lot of rotation and sudden falls. This attraction has a height of 48 highs.

Avatar: Step -Flug- This is a strongly submerged simulator experience. It looks extremely real and contains great simulated drops and terrifying creatures. The height requirement for this trip is 44 inches.

How to deal with it when things are frightened

If you suspect that your child is afraid of one of the above walks, show it videos or tell him what the attraction will be.Walt Disney World from Birnbaum to NiñosBook with photos and travel classifications.

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In any way you can save money on Disney

Disney World trips that can be very scary for children • WDW holiday tips (2)

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Disney World trips that can be very scary for children • WDW holiday tips (3)


I visited the parks every year since my parents brought me to a year for the first time. I hope to share my Disney knowledge with you so that you can have the best possible vacation!


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