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  • Announcement of legal disputes, application of law, etc.No fund is responsible for compensation in accordance with this section 5.03 unless a person immediately received said fund on the beginning of a legal dispute or a procedure initiated against that person who can be requested section 5.03. This fund is entitledTo claims of claims in such legal disputes or procedures for which the remuneration is requested by a fund and the decision of a competent legal court, this fund has the right to participate in such legal disputes or procedures and, after written notification.From this fund, these funds are defended by the defense of such legal disputes or procedures with a lawyer of their election to their own costs regarding this part of the legal dispute, for which one of these funds is subject to an obligation toCompensation, but a person has the right to obtain their own costs and Kopara participates (but not control), the defense of said dispute or legal procedure if this fund will continue to compensate for the person in relation to said rights O.O to participate in a decision of acompetent court, this person significantly seeks these legal disputes or procedures. A person does not agreeThe prior written consent of the Fund.Reasonable application to apply.

  • RIGHT TO THE PETITION COURTIn the event that compensation for paying compensation for the remuneration in accordance with sections 3 and 5 mentioned above or an independent entry application, in accordance with sections 8 mentioned above, requests the request of the law firm forApply to apply the obligations of the company of this contract.

  • Publication of launches(1) After the date of entry into force, subject to section 6.3 and in view of the payment of the comparison value, either directly, indirectly, derived or in another function, now has or can.

  • Download Legal DisputesWithin the five (5) days after the date of entry into force, Summit, Visx and Pillar Point lead to prejudices (as defined below), with prejudice, each party involves its own costs and lawyer fees. AsUse here, "Summit/ Visx" Visx Partner, Inc.Contra Summit Partner, Inc., Santx XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX, Case No. CV 772057; VISX, INCORPORATED PARTNERS et al.770042; AND VISX, INC., IN THE NAME OF SILLARPoint Partners, District Court of the United States, Massachusetts district, case No. 96-11739-PBS.The term "Summit/Visx-Rehtsstreit" contains all conventions, Kreuzama and the like they are claimed in the previous actions.

  • Premature dismissalIf schools are closed early, for ten months payments can leave the building at the time of school or when all students leave the building. However, notification to the responsible administrator may be absent without loss of payment and, as declaredFor the employee, his absence is calculated in his compensation time, urgent commercial time or personal vacations (12 months (12 months) (12 months) of employees) for absences in relation to early launch.

  • The applicant's right to bring actionIf a written claim received from the company or on behalf of a compensated party in accordance with this article VI, the company does not pay it completely within the ninety days after this income, the applicant may file a lawsuit against the company in anymoment, to be retained to be retained and, if it is totally or partially successful, the candidate will have the right to pay the costs for the persecution of this claim. It is a defense of such measures (except for a law, a claim of expenses to defendA procedure before its final elimination, if the necessary obligation is transferred to the company), the applicant has not complied with the behavioral standards that allow it in accordance with the Law of the General Society of Delaware, so it must be claimedto Companhia, but the burden of the test of testing this defense in society. The circumstances of the applicable behavior standard, which determines the law of the General CorporationIn Delaware or a real determination of the company (including the Board of Directors, the independent legal advisor or its shareholders) is determined that the applicant did not comply with said.A pattern of applicable behavior against measurements or an assumption that the applicant did not comply with the applicable behavior standard.

  • Notification of failed candidatesThe parties agree that a failed candidate for employment work in the ONA within one (1) week after the decision made and before the name of the successful candidate is notified in writing. The parties also agree that thePrevious notification is copied to the president of the negotiation unit.

  • Publication of companiesAs an additional exam to the Executive and, except for all the obligations provided for in this contract, the company undertakes to resign and publish managers, and each of its lawyers, agents, predecessors, successors and tasks and all of you (all of you (all of you (all of you (all of you (all of you (all of you (all of you (all of you (all of you (all of you (all of you (all of you (all of you (allall of you (all) (all of you (all) (all of you) (all) (all of you) (all of you, all called "executive versions") of all claims, compensation, agreements or complaints are interesting demands in reference or outside(i) the use of the Executive or the termination to determine the employment; (ii) any agreement between the Executive and one of the company's approvals, including the employment contract without restriction; (iv) claim of fraud, self -assessment or similar declarationand (v) a federal, state or government convention, law, ordinance or ordinance. This publicLanguage in paragraph 6) or the similar law of another State in relation to the exemption of strangers can have in section 1542. All statements, if available, must contain which, whose, whose, whose ,, which, which, which, which, which, What, what the company can have and what the company does not know or suspect, which is in favor of the Executive, and this contract excludes all these claims.

  • Legal disputes; claimsThe buyer is not part of and there are no claims, measures, complaints, investigations or procedures that depend on the buyer or the company, legally or in capital or before or before or a department, commission, advice, office, office, agency are or threatened or threatenedinstruments, national or foreign, which would have a negative impact on the buyer's commercial or financial disease or on the buyer's ability to continue their business., An application, a request or a decree of a government court or department, commission, administration of administration ofThe Board, Office, Agency or Instrumental Constitution, domestic or foreign or violation of judgment, an order, order or violation.

  • Request to the courtIf (i) a compensation claim or development of additional expenses is rejected, the company will not be paid within nine (90) days after the request for the application expense is not paid in time in accordance with section 6 ofThis contract O (IV), the compensation will be carried out is not carried out in accordance with section 5 of this contract.The remuneration has the right to request the Chancer Court of Delaware, in which the court in which it is pending, or other court for responsible responsibility in order to compensate (including the transfer of expenses) that will be applied in accordance with thisAgreement.

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