»Castello Cavalcanti: 'He shoots to shoot while Wes Anderson creates his cinematographic world (2023)

If you watch a Wes Anderson movie, they immediately transported it to the world you created. Under the desired effect of each scene and anytime. When scenes of scenesThe Grand Budapeste hotelyMoonrise KingdomThere is a clear feeling that everyone can convey, regardless of their various stories and actions. For the public.

Some of the most obvious reasons are: focus on shooting symmetry, color, space and composition (depth), lighting, costumes, make -up, performance (recycling the same actor), appearance, long recordings and traces and a distant edition in styleShort -MeetingCavalcanti CastleWes Anderson uses the motive of symmetry and aspects of staging, such as lighting, space and composition, as well as long recordings and the motion/position of the camera to increase and develop narrative effect and construction of space and time in distance.

»Castello Cavalcanti: 'He shoots to shoot while Wes Anderson creates his cinematographic world (1)

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One of the most notable aspects of this shortage is symmetry (almost forced) that brings all symmetry that Anderson presents us as the first axis of symmetry is what on the right of the axis the characters, accessories and lighting, essentially the life ofThe movie, while leaving, there is nothing more than buildings and darkness of the axis (this will be a reason).

As with all Anderson movies, these symmetry axes are much more than an attempt to bring the public to symmetry in ingestion, so that Anderson leads the audience and make them look where they want it. This can be used to highlight.Figures -Chave (as in the introduction of Jeb and it or next to the center of the axis for most shorts) or to develop a deeper understanding of the spatial/scenario defined in the diegesis. This allows manipulation within the frame and the frameworkin itself.Symmetry also helps the viewer develop configuration effects through camera movement.

For most shorts, Anderson uses MS (medium size) and LS (long recordings) to present his narrative and make room in the set. This type of recording uses their environment and allows the public to familiarize with this new world.First scenes are used as recordings of establishment. The first scene deals with a broader approach with an LS to present the public in the area where the narrative will occur. The second scene is with one with a slight angle that focuses on the group ofPeople who can be seen at the end of the first scene. This allows the audience to become familiar with the characters that will be part of the story. The following scene (3) is rotated with an MS and then a short LS and thenReturn to EM, more focused details about the public and presented more information about the configuration.

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The inclusion of depth by placing the characters in the foreground, in the middle and in the background helps create an increasingly deep understanding of the movie theater. They are cookware and surveillance recordings (right and left).You understand the feelings and details of the movie.

Enlightenment is an important tool that Anderson uses this shortage as a tool for symbolism and emotional connection between Jed and the narrative. The beginning of the movie has a yellow dye with a darker tone that reflects the disorders that Jed feels.orange/ orange/ yellow that is used to order the tone and emotional sound for the beginning of short chaos) is another example of which light is used as a fusion between the diegotic world and any emotions ... when he calls himBrother.-Play; As soon as he begins to talk to him, a lamp can break and throw blue light on anyone, which is a miserable form of error.

»Castello Cavalcanti: 'He shoots to shoot while Wes Anderson creates his cinematographic world (2)

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You can also find a more practical use of lighting changes in the scene if the 4 local inhabitants take the car from the statue of the yellow dye, which is deliberately made by Anderson to show the public a change of peaceful balance and, finally, to return tobalance.

Anderson also uses space and composition, costumes and characterization in this short -term to confuse the narrative and the living room and the rest of the village.Calm and slow nature or the minimum (attacker) dialogue, then makes the villages as a painful thumb (which is a stranger with performance).

Throughout the movie, it is slowly becoming more enjoyable in the city of its ancestors and scenes, the background (color solo) and the locals become a less high and aggressive pace with more Italians all the time, theAll the time, which is the transition of American running car drivers reflected over their ancestors (and the local inhabitants).

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»Castello Cavalcanti: 'He shoots to shoot while Wes Anderson creates his cinematographic world (3)

Wes Anderson is one of the most influential and popular modern directors that arise from independent markets until Oscar's cashier gains are published. Its unique combination of stylistic and cinematic signs contributes to the general series of relationships between the different parts of the film.All action on the screen can be attributed to the cause and effect: nothing is admitted randomly or artificially.This analysis is obviously increasing and developing even more narrative action and space construction and time in its shortageClimate No Cabo

To perceive

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