C4 Application of the dismissal sample in accordance with rule 3190 (c) (4) (2023)

In accordance with the rules for criminal procedures in Florida, the court can receive a request for dismissal at any time if it is based on the fact that there are no material problems and indisputable facts do not establish a case of cousin of guilt.P.3.190 (c) (4).

This article explains the advantages of the registration of a sworn request for dismissal according to Florida 3.190 (4), which is often known as the "C4 application in flames" .. Fla.R.Crim.p.3.190 (D).

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"The purpose of a fire application is to allow the prejudices of jurisprudence if the facts are not controversial."Stay in Eastco, 815 p. 680, 681 (Florida has 2002) () (so no.Citing Styron V. State, 662 So.2d 965 (Fla. 1ª DCA 1995).

In fact, Fla.R.Crim.p.3.190 (4) provides:

"The Court can receive a request to dismiss one of the following reasons at any time: ... there are no relevant controversial facts and the undisputed facts do not stipulate the reports of cousins against the accused. The application is the basis that must be especially claimed andThe curved movement is. "

Rule 3.190 (c) (4) is structured to avoid the solution to the factual disputes of a judge, and leave these issues for real discovery in a procedure in a civil case and, as such, both must be granted.Ver State v. Bonebright,742 S.2D 290, 291 (Florida 1º DCA 1998).

Requirement is not a controversial material

EmCondition of, 889 SO.2D 857, 858 (Florida 4. DCA 2004), closed the Court;

"The application is only well done if there are no relevant facts in the cheapest dispute and construction of the indisputable facts in favor of the State would not establish a case of Primo de Matta."

EmRitter v.State, 390 SO.2D 168, 169-170 (Florida 5. DCA 1980), the court said that "[a] is a procedural issue in an application according to this rule. The accused must verify the facts that are so incompatible withHis fault, that if he is not damaged, his resulting acceptance as truth is determined. In most times, these facts determine a classical positive defense, such as self -defense, madness or detention, but can refer to all facts,They are essential for the facts that are essential for the essential elements in the case of the State, such as the alibi for the essential elements, the right of ownership of the accused can be highlighted or the application of an exception to a statute may show thatDefine a criminal offense.

The fire application must be sworn in

If the fire application is not legally sufficient, if it was not rejected.Styron v.State, 662 SO.2D 965, 967 (Florida 1 DCA 1995), the court concluded that the application "[f] swore for an application" (c) (4).

Specific knowledge and intentions

EmErnst de, 590 SO.2D 1007 (Fla. 3D DCA 1991), the court opened a command in which the information was sentenced in fla.r.crim.p.3.190 (4) According to the following participation:

"The question of knowledge and the specific intention of committing a crime acting as a" point of view "or" wheel man ", how the applicant is accused, is not an appropriate question that must be decided by a fire request.S.T.N.V.State, 474 SO.2D 884 (Florida 4. DCA 1985). In fact, knowledge is a final question and, therefore, is not subject to fire.Condición V.alford, 395 SUN.2D 201 (Florida 4. DCA 1981) (leftist appointments).

When the State filed an intersection

After the defense presented the jury's fire application according to Florida 3.190 (4) (4), the subject is established for an audience. Before the hearing, the State only has a limited time to remain silent or archiveA cross or demure.

Rule 3.190 (D), CRPR, stipulates that a fire application is denied if the State submitted an intersection that denies a material suspected of material in the fire application. Crim.p.3.190 (D) Delivery: Delivery:

The State can exceed or submit an application to reject that you claim de facto questions.

The Court of Justice may provide evidence of any fact required for the decision on the application material or the facts that were claimed in the fire application.

Demurrer or traverse must appear in front of the audience for a reasonable time to request fires.

"If the facts in the application that the State does not expressly contradict the position of the accused, but provides additional facts that would cause a material problem that avoids the application of the application, the State must also establish these additional facts for the transition - notMonivant would have to defeat a summary evaluation application in a contract. "B. FREISY STATOR, 758 So.2d 110, 112 (Fla. 2000).

In other words, the "State only has to expressly dispute a material fact that was claimed by the defendant or add additional material facts that correspond to the minimum application of the appearance of the cousin."I walked.“If a material fact is controversial, the rejection of the fire movement is mandatory.I walked.When fulfilling its load to build a cousin apparatus, the State can use evidence of evidence, and all the conclusions are resolved in their favor.I walked.

"An intersection requires more than not, such as the oath. The State is obliged to specifically dispute the facts claimed by the defendant, or add additional material facts that meet the minimum requirements of a case of debtors."Wall condition, 191 So.3d 936, 940 (fl. 4º DCA 2016) ".

EmStay in Gutierrez, 649 So.2d 926, 927 (Fla.

The intersection must reject relevant facts with specificity

What happens if the State submitted an "intersection" but none of the relevant facts that are claimed in the defendant's request? The mere act of presenting a curved document entitled "Traverse" is not enough for a legal issue.

The amendment to the criminal procedures of Florida since 1977 (c) (4) generally resolved the State is not clear if the State must register a general or specific transition to submit a request for resignation in accordance with the authority of 3,190 (c) (4) A Registration.).See State V.Kemp, 305 SO.2D 833 (Fla. 3D DCA 1974). The change now clearly requires a specific intersection for a certain material or material fact.

In other words, the "specificity" language was added to clarify that the State was forced to register a specific crossing to "specific relevant facts or facts" to defeat a fire application.See Criminal Procedure Rules of Florida Bar Re Florida343 So.2d 1247, 1255-56 (Fla. 1977).

If the intersection occurs after the audience begins

What happens if the State presented the intersection shortly before or shortly after the audience began?

If the crossing or the public prosecutor appears late, the defense can achieve the transition or the demurrer more after the punishment of Florida 3: 190 (d).

EmCondición V.burnison, 438 SO.2D 538, 540 (Florida 2D DCA 1983), shortly before the hearing, the defendant was made available to the accused. The application of fire because a continuity would have cured the accused prejudices.

In State V.rodriguez, 505 Sun.2D 628 (Florida 3D DCA 1987), on the contrary for other reasons, 523 Sun.2D 1141 (Florida 1988), the State only incorporated an intersection at the beginning of the audience. The appointment of theThird district was the opinion that the court did not lose the cross and only took into account the reason for the application itself. Defective legalment of the accused contained in the application. Part of crossing the participation of the third district.

Verify the standard for a fire application in a resource

The decision of a court of a court of a rule 3,190 (4) (4) The dismissal request contains a legal issue and, therefore, is reviewed again in accordance with a standard.Ver Armstrong V.Harris, 773 So.2d 7 (Fla. 2000).

EmPaul's Condition, 299 SUN.3D 542, 544-545 (Florida 5. DCA 2020), the court applied the following germ principles:

"First", the State has the right to the construction of cheaper evidence, and all the conclusions that arise from the facts that are included in the fire request and at the crossroads in favor of the State and against the accused. "Condition of, 960 SO.2D 864, 867 (Florida 2D DCA 2007) (left wing quotes).

Second, "[in] an application (c) (4) can test or determine problems or take into account the weight of contradictory evidence or the credibility of witnesses."V., 59 So.3d 1200, 1203 (Fla. 2d DCA 2011).

Then, a judicial court must not submit a request to reject criminal accusations because it concludes that the case does not survive a request for a rectification trial.I walked.(Quoted quotes).

Finally: "The load can be shown in the defendant that the undisputed facts (1) do not appear cousin or (2) a valid defense."Condición v.75 Sun.3D 803, 804-05 (Florida 5. DCA 2011) (omitted cits).

In some cases, the question for a call can be maintained if the request is rejected and the application is presented.(2) (a) (i).

Provide fire application

Oaths -Sovement to fire

Now, [[accused name]] comes through the unused lawyer and in accordance with the criminal rules of Florida 3.190 (4) (4), the defendant will participate in a command in the accused in this case.

As reasons for this request, the defendant shows the court that there are no controversial materials and that the undisputed facts do not define the main case of guilt against the accused.

The facts and the law on which this movement is based are the following:

Basic facts

  1. The defendant is accused of an accusation of the accusation [[insertion of the application of the law, the law and the crime]]].
  2. The case was presented by direct information of the Florida State Archive, which states that the defendant remains deliberately [date], the Hillsborough County and the Florida state [the language of the collection document].
  3. [Insert the indisputable facts].

Legal analysis

[[Explain the elements of crime]].

[[Add the reason why the undisputed facts are not enough to prove one or more elements of the crime]].

In Florida, there is the purpose of a request to withdraw according to rule 3,190 (4) (4) What the State depends or does not represent the accused crime and does not provide evidence to legally create a cousin case of the defendant's fault.Condition of, 392 So.2d 1013 (Florida 5. DCA 1981)V.DAVIS Quotation status, 243 So.2d 587 (Fla.1971).

In addition, it is "the objective of a fire application to allow jurisprudence prejudices if the facts are not in dispute."Stay in Eastco, 815 S.2D 680, 681 (Florida 2º DCA 2002).

If the public prosecutor exceeds this movement, the state transition must dispute the "material" facts.Especially condition, The 5th DCA argued that an intersection only requires the rejection of an application to shoot if "creates a dispute on the facts of material evidence [emphasis on the original]". The resignation occurred in this case "the facts. 569 SO.2D866, 867 (Florida 5. DCA 1990).

EmCondición v.nune, The 3rd DCA argued that the intersection was not enough to survive the defendant's request because "an intersection is more than what the party provides" is required).

In this case, the crime of [state crime] did not happen.

On the basis of the foregoing, the defendant respectfully requested that this court participate in an order rejecting the pending criminal accusations against the defendant in this case.

[Insert the signature line and the service certificate].

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