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Wheel Offense is fantastic for creating high levels of player movement. This is great for teams struggling to create chances down the field, with players creating their own shots. Wheel Offense can be very effective as an introductory system and as an elite offensive system.

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Basketball Attack Wheel Game: Attack Wheel. Clinic Roma 2003 Italian National Team RODA OFFENSE METHODOLOGY Use the ALL - PART - ALL method when teaching the Roda Offense. After demonstrating the principles, use 5-0 to 5-5. Analyze everything possible in the PART phase. Continue the crime. Unlike standard offenses, there is no ending. The crime can be repeated several times. When the game's standard fouls end the game without a shot, players tend to play 1-on-1, similar to "collected" basketball. Allows one team to control the pace of the game. Flex allows it. . Build momentum for your teammates. Be sure to dribble up to the elbows to create an offense. Unless you can score, stay away from the bottom line. Attack the basket to pass, don't shoot. We want to use the dribble to create draw situations and kicks and kicks. Use both hands to pass the basketball. Don't jump to pass the ball. 15 Laws for Success - Offensive Basketball. Wheel Offense 2003 Jack Bennett - Man-to-Man Gap Defense Jack Bennett - Gap Attack Jack Ramsey - Lifetime Basketball Leadership Lessons Jackie Boswell - Seeking leadership and cultivating it.

Due to the significant player movement, triple screen offensive wheel in the ball game, there are a fantastic number of offensive options available. However, it is an endgame and lacks continuity to run across multiple sides of the court. This means that the game may be better suited to be used in combination with other Wheel Offense games.

Roda Offense: Triple Cloth No Ball Diagram 1

The formation for the wheel's triple offensive screen in the ball game is 4 out, 1 in. The difference in this particular formation is that the big defender (four) extends to the weak wing. This type of formation allows the game to start as quickly as possible, since the following players are not initially involved.

One (1) makes a pass to two (2).

Five (5) elevators to set a screen to one (1).

basketball wheel attack 2017 pdf

One (1) creates a ledge before cutting to the basket.

The first cut by one (1) can be made beyond the defensive half as soon as the pass to two (2) is initiated. This will allow for a much tougher defensive scenario.

Ofensiva da Roda: Triple Cloth in Diagram On-Ball 2

Two (2) must pass the basket to attack the defender, since the ball will be in that position for a few moments.

Four (4) move off the weak end to place a screen on One (1).

One (1) continues in and out of the keyway. Using the four (4) slice sieve set, open the outside of the sieve to extend to the extended elbow on the weak side.

Five (5), after setting one screen to one (1), moves across the dividing line to set a second screen to three (3).

Three (3) screen cuts with Pace attacking the front of the basket.

Sort Options:

  • For a brief moment before three (3) move towards the key, four (4) are free to walk towards the basket.
  • Three (3) in the cut to the basket
  • One (1) elevator to perimeter

Ofensiva da Roda: Triple Cloth in Diagram On-Ball 3

Three (3), once the basket is reached, move to the far corner on the strong side.

Five (5) moves to define the third screen in the sequence. Running one screen up to Four (4).

Four (4) trips to the free throw line.

Sort Options:

  • Three (3) in fade to long corner
  • Four (4) in the elevator to the free throw line
  • Two (2) catch the ball and drop the basket on the end line

During the final plays of this phase of the offense, there is a high/low option opportunity between four (4) and five (5) if an opening pass is made on four (4).

Ofensiva da Roda: Triple Cloth in Diagram On-Ball 4

Five (5) moves to hold the post on the weak side of the keyway.

Four (4) plays to the set and canvas to the ball for two (2).

Two (2) use the ball screen to attack the basket.

When two (2) pass through the shoulder of four (4) to turn toward the keyway:

basketball move attack

  • One (1) rotates the 3 point line up
  • Three (3) raise the sideline

Sort Options:

  • Two (2) on-ball off-screen
  • Five (5) in assist pass for two (2); When Five's (5) defender moves to stop, he drives up the keyway
  • Four (4) reel to basket
  • One (1) pressure relief passage
  • Three (3) pressure relief passes
  • If three (3) are passed, a quick post pass can be made on four (4).
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The offensive wheel is one of the oldest offensive strategies in basketball. He was one of the offensive pioneers of what we now know as movement and continuity offenses. Aspects of the wheel offense can be seen in many modern offensive structures and constitute an offensive system in its own right.

The wheel attack was developed in the 1950s by Garland Pinholster, head coach at Oglethorpe University. Coach Pinholster's vision was to create an offense that could be used against individual and zone defenses. That concept alone would make it more versatile than most offensive builds at the time, and that's pretty rare even in today's modern multi-offensive training landscape. As part of Garland Pinholster's development of offensive wheel options, various sets of lugs and tricks have also been added for more offensive flexibility. Coach Pinholster also wanted an offense that could be played by a variety of players of different sizes and abilities.

Wheel Offense is a relatively simple and versatile attack that allows it to be used by a variety of different players with varying skill levels. Although the offense has been surpassed by more complex attacks that take advantage of the individual strengths of certain players. Wheel Offense remains effective for teams that know how to place players in scoring positions that focus on individual offensive strengths and abilities.

Some coaches consider the wheel attack to be a solid team-building exercise, as it forces all five players on the court to trust each other and work on their offensive skills.

The offense allowed teams without outstanding individual talent to work the ball with player movement to create highly efficient shots. Due to the constant movement of the players, this also caused regular mismatches in attacking, with the frequent cuts often resulting in outside players switching places and vice versa.

Wheel Offense's greatest strength is its versatility. To really uphold the philosophy of the Wheel Offensive system, all five players need to be good shooters, ball handlers, and cutters. This means that the defense does not know where the attack is going. When someone manages to shoot and score on the field, all five defenders have to stay focused longer, which is a challenge for even the best teams. It is important to note that you can still use Wheel Offense if your players are not complete as part of your strategy. Just make sure these players understand what their offensive options are when they should be using these abilities.

Like many movement or continuity violations, the wheel violation has a number of drawbacks, and as a trainer, you need to be aware of them to avoid getting in the way of your implementation. The first problem is that offense can cause players to focus too much on the offensive pattern and not enough on getting good reads on the defensive player in front of them. Players often re-run the move instead of the chance when they are physically or mentally exhausted.

Download in PDF the Crime of the Basketball Circle

Also, in its original set, Wheel Offense doesn't allow you to isolate a creative offensive player. If you have a talented player who can help you get easy baskets, that player needs to break up the offensive setup to be effective. So be prepared to add additional game options to allow for this flexibility.

Being an older offense, it doesn't take advantage of many modern basketball innovations, such as screens. Screens and variations in slices would make this attack much more effective, but could also make it stiffer, like Princeton's attack, one of its more complex offspring.

Attack Of The Basketball Wheel Pdf (1)

Because Wheel Offense uses a variety of gimmicks and optional tricks and relies on frequent cuts, it can be difficult for a man or zone defense to cover. The key will be your team's ability to protect cutters effectively, and this really comes down to practicing defensive fundamentals like assist defense, jumping on the ball, and attacking cutters.

Since offense also has a standard element, focus on isolating players with weak points from the rest of the team. If you know a player is a poor shooter, try to catch him at the rim and then deny passing options while holding the dribble. This will interrupt the opponent's attack and cause the wheel to become uncontrollable.

Standard cycling offense Graph 1

In this example, the offense is set up in a 1-3-1 formation.

The point guard (one) combines with the point guard (two) at the wing to initiate the movement of the game.

offensive basketball plays

The center (five) cuts to the weak side of the key while the power forward (four) switches to the strong side of the low post.

The forward (Three) then runs to the free throw line and looks for a pass.

If one of those rotations is open, the Playmaker (Two) can switch to that attacker.

Just because this game looks easy doesn't mean your players can only make straight cuts or stand up straight in their seats. Offensive players should always encourage sealing, lead building, and cheating.

Otherwise, there is a chance to score. Guard (two) passes back to guard (one), who dribbles to the weak side of the court, making sure to finish off the extended elbow.

The center (five) goes out to look for the ball on the wing.

Offensive Standard 3 Wheel Graphic

The ball is turned towards the center (five). The small advance (three) and the powerful advance (four) change places.

The guard (two) turns to the center lane at the foul line.

Offensive basketball wheel pdf free.

If any of these rotations present a scoring opportunity, the snap (five) goes to that player.

The center returns the ball to the point guard, who dribbles it to the opposite side of the court. The small trailer cuts the band and the entire game is reset.

Offensive Basketball Flyer Pdf

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